Here is a VERY popular soup in Turkey. Indeed, Ezogelin soup is the second most consumed soup in the country, after red lentil soup, especially in winter. It contains a lot of vitamins and energy, a lot of useful things in winter.

To consume hot and well mixed, it will be good with a zest of lemon juice and a small piece of bread.

Ingredients: (for 6 bowls)

❤ 1 square of butter and a little olive oil

❤ 1 heaping tablespoon of tomato paste

❤ 1 tsp. flour

❤ 1 half onion

❤ 1 tablespoon rice

❤ 1 tablespoon bulgur

❤ 1 tbsp red lentils

❤ 1.5L of hot water

❤ 1 chicken stock cube (optional)

❤ Salt, pepper, fresh mint, a little bit of cumin

Preparation of Ezogelin soup:

1. In a small deep saucepan, melt the butter and oil over medium heat.

2. Cut the onion into small cubes and add them to the pan.

3. When the onions are golden brown, add the tomato paste and flour and mix well.

4. After 2 minutes, add the hot water and the stock cube. Let the water reboil.

5. Add the rice, bulgur and lentils and lower the heat.

6. Once the lentils have popped (approx. 8 to 10 minutes), blend for a long time until the soup is liquid.

7. Add the spices

Tip: If the soup is too creamy for your taste, add hot water and boil the soup again.

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